I recently purchased a Beldray Airgility brush, and suddenly it stopped working. I was frustrated and disappointed.

I decided to research why the Beldray Airgilty brush is not working and how to fix it.

After researching, I realized many others have had the same issue with their Beldray Airgility brushes.

In this article, 

I will discuss the most common causes for why your Beldray Airgility brush might not be working properly and how you can fix it.

Let’s get started!

How to fix Beldray Airgility brush not working

You should try these possible solutions if your Beldray Airgility vacuum rush is not working.

1. Roller brush is off

If your vacuum brush is not working, the roller brush switch might be turned off. Which controls the power and operation of the brush.

So when it is turned off, no power runs to the brush. It means that even though the main power switch is on, the brush will not work until the roller brush switch is not switched back on again.

You can troubleshoot this issue by checking if any blockages interfere with the power flow in the roller brush switch.

If there are any obstructions or damaged components, you should need to replace them to get your vacuum working back again.

2. Clogged hose

If the house of your vacuum becomes clogged, it can stop the brush from working properly. 

Clogs can occur due to dirt or debris getting stuck in the hose and blocking the airflow.

For getting the optimal performance of your vacuum, you should regularly clean out blockages in the hose.

You can clean the hose by following the steps:

1. First, unplug the vacuum and remove the hose

2. Then check for dust or debris

3. If you find debris, use tweezers or a similar tool to carefully pull out material blocking the airway.

4. After removing all the blockages, reassemble and test your vacuum.

5. If there are still issues with suction power or airflow, then you may need to replace the hose

3. Broken belt

The issue with the belt drive can also cause this issue. It may be worn out or stretched as a result of long-term use.

It powers the brush roll and provides the agitation for deep cleaning on floors.

The belt can become worn or stretched, resulting in insufficient power transmitted to the brush roll, which causes inadequate cleaning performance.

If you are not solving these issues, it can lead to serious problems such as motor burnout or even complete failure of the unit.

You should remove and inspect the belt and roller for any debris or damage and clean out the accumulated debris; if necessary, replace the broken or worn belt.

4. Faulty motor

A faulty motor leads to this issue. It could be caused by dirt accumulation in the motor, resulting in reduced power or clogged airways.

It can also be caused by worn-out brushes or other components, such as damaged gears, that prevent the motor from running properly.

Sometimes, the motor needs to be replaced if it can no longer turn at high speed or draw enough current from the battery.

First, you should inspect the motor to see if it can be repaired or not. If not, then you should replace it.

5. Clogged brush

Sometimes, vacuum brushes become clogged with dirt and debris, making them unable to work effectively.

The brush can clog if the vacuum is used on thick carpets or hardwood floors.

The brush may also be clogged if it picks up too much dirt when vacuuming surfaces such as tile or laminate flooring.

As a result of a buildup, suction can become a blockage, and the motor could overheat, resulting in a loss of power and decreased cleaning performance.

You can prevent it from happening by regularly checking and removing blockages from the roll brush.

6. Loose nozzles

If the nozzles on the brush become loosened over time, it can cause it to stop altogether. 

If this happens, you may need to re-secure the nozzles by firmly tightening them with a screwdriver.

You should inspect any other parts of the brush that may malfunction, such as any visible wires and plugs.

If you cannot resolve the problem, consult a professional engineer or an authorized technician.

7. Loose vacuum head

A loose vacuum head can stop the brush from not working, and you can prevent this issue from occurring again.

Checking the vacuum head is tightly secured. If it is loose and not properly attached, this could be the source of the issue.

If the machine has not been used in a while, dust and dirt may have built up in the vacuum head or filter. In this case, you should remove the head and clean out debris obstructing airflow.

This can be done using compressed air or carefully brushing away blockages with a cloth or soft-bristled brush.

8. Customer support

If you’re still facing issues with your vacuum cleaner, you should contact  Beldray Airgility customer support.

Customer support can provide you with another solution because they have qualified technicians.


Why has my belay hoover stopped working?

If your Beldray Hoover has stopped working, several possible causes could cause this. Firstly, the power cord could be loose or damaged.

Which could prevent a connection from being made to your power source. You should ensure that the plug is secure in the socket and check for any visible signs of damage to the cord.

If the dust chamber is blocked, then this can prevent airflow around the device, and it stops it from running correctly.

You should clean the blockage to get the optical performance of your vacuum.

How do you clean a belay filter?

In order to clean a Beldray filter, it is essential to understand the type of material that is being used.

Beldray filter is often a polyester microfiber blend, and regular cleaning with mild detergent and warm water can be sufficient.

For more thorough cleaning, it is recommended to use specialized products for this type of fabric. 

These products are specially formulated to both clean and protect the fibres from fading or becoming brittle over time.

How long does Beldray agility take to charge?

The Beldray Airgility can take up to 8 hours to fully charge. This is because the battery capacity of the device is 2600 mAh.

This means it takes longer to reach full capacity than other devices with smaller batteries.

The Beldray Airgility has an automatic shutoff feature. When it reaches full charge, it automatically shuts off the electricity.

What to do when the vacuum brush stops spinning?

When a vacuum brush stops spinning, it indicates that the belt has broken or the motor has stopped working.

If you suspect the belt is broken, check to see if it’s worn out or stretched then you should replace it.

Also, ensure that the brush roll switch is turned on and the brush is free of debris or objects.

Can you wash reusable filters?

Yes, reusable filters can be washed. But it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when washing.

It also depends on the filter type; washing it may involve rinsing with cold water and a mild detergent or soaking and scrubbing with a brush.

It may be necessary to air dry the filter before returning it to its spot.

How long does a Beldray battery last?

Beldray batteries are designed to be long-lasting and reliable, providing up to 8 hours of continuous use on a single charge.

Also, depending on the frequency of use, one battery charge can last anywhere from 1-3 hours. 

Beldray batteries come with built-in thermal and overload protection to keep you safe and prevent damage to your device.

With proper care and maintenance, these batteries can provide high performance for many years.

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Wrapping Up

These are the possible solutions if your Beldray Airgility vacuum brush is not working.

  • Roller brush is off 
  • Clogged hose 
  • Broken belt 
  • Faulty motor 
  • Clogged brush 
  • Loose nozzles 
  • Loose vacuum head 

If you still need any help, you should contact an expert technician for other solutions.


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