If you own a boat, you know how important it is to keep it clean and debris free. But with all the different types of vacuum cleaners, choosing the right one for your needs can be difficult.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide so that you can find the best vacuum cleaner for boats on the market today.

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Best vacuum cleaner for boats

These are the best vacuums for boats. 

1. Dyson V7 Allergy HEPA

Best vacuum cleaner for boats


  • Suction power 
  • Bagless 
  • HEPA 
  • Cordless


  • It could not stand on itself 

Why is it best for boats?

The Dyson V7 Allergy HEPA is the perfect choice for boats, as its powerful suction and portability make it ideal for cleaning up dust in tight spaces.

Its cordless design also allows you to take it anywhere on your boat easily while still providing enough suction to get the job done quickly.

Suction power 

Its powerful motorized brush bar generates up to 150AW of suction, enough to easily pick up dust, dirt, and even pet hair.

Its direct drive cleaner head also has stiff nylon bristles that agitate deeply embedded dirt and allergens, ensuring they get picked up and trapped in advanced HEPA filtration.

With its whole machine filtration system, it can capture particles as small as 0.3 microns from the air, that’s more than 99% of pollen and allergens.


Its two-tier radial cyclone technology can capture more microscopic dust particles and allergens than traditional vacuums.

It has a hygienic bin emptying system that helps to avoid contact with dirt or allergens when disposing of the collected dirt.

Helps to reduce overall exposure to potential allergens in the boating environment.


Its cord-free design makes cleaning easy, and you can clean your boat without dealing with cords.

With up to 30 minutes of fade-free suction power on a single charge, it can help you to clean your boat.

HEPA filter 

It is also equipped with a powerful, certified HEPA filter to guarantee the highest level of air purification.

Its HEPA filter captures and traps over 99.97% of dust, pollen, allergens, and other tiny particles from the air so that you can enjoy a healthier environment.

The filter has an advanced activated carbon layer that helps to reduce unpleasant odors and airborne pollutants like smoke, smog, and other noxious gases.

The HEPA filters also come with a lifetime washable pre-filter that lasts for six months without having to be replaced, which ensures that your device will keep working at maximum efficiency for many years.

It has also a post-motor HEPA filter which provides extra protection against any remaining particles after vacuuming.


It has just 5.29 lbs, which makes it the lightest cord-free vacuum from Dyson and one of the lightest on the market. 

It’s lightweight, making it easier to use; you can use it without carrying too much weight.

It also features an ergonomic handle that helps to reduce strain on your wrist and arm, allowing you to clean for longer without fatigue.

2. WLUPEL Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Best vacuum cleaner for boats


  • Cordless 
  • Powerful suction
  • Touch display 
  • Large water capacity


  • It produces more noise

Why is it best for boats?

The WLUPEL Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a great choice for cleaning boats due to its convenient size and lightweight design.

It is small enough to fit easily into tight spaces. It is powerful enough to clean any surface effectively.

The cordless nature of the vacuum also makes it easy to use without worrying about being weighed down by a cord or getting tangled up in electrical cords while cleaning.


Its cordless design makes it incredibly easy to maneuver around furniture, walls, and other tight spaces.

Its extended runtime of up to 40 minutes allows you to clean multiple rooms on a single charge.

It is also equipped with a powerful motor that creates an impressive amount of suction power, up to 8kPA, so you can easily remove dust and dirt.

Powerful suction

It features a heavy-duty motor with an impressive 130 Air Watts suction power to ensure deep and thorough cleaning of carpets, rugs, furniture, hard floors, and more. 

It also has adjustable power settings to customize the suction level according to your needs, allowing everything from small messes to heavy-duty cleaning.

Its advanced cyclonic technology helps to ensure that dirt and dust particles won’t escape the unit, ensuring that your boat is left spotlessly clean.

It also comes with a range of useful attachments that help you to reach tight corners and hard-to-reach areas.

Touch display 

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a touch display, making it incredibly easy to use.

The intuitive touchscreen interface allows you to quickly adjust settings and access features without having to fumble with buttons or knobs.

The display also features several helpful tools, such as multiple cleaning modes, reminders, and automatic shut-off timers, which can help maximize the vacuum’s efficiency and effectiveness. 

The touchscreen’s sensitivity is adjustable so that you can customize your experience according to your needs.

Large water capacity 

Its large capacity allows it to effectively absorb liquids and dirt without having to be emptied as often.

This capacity allows for more extended cleaning sessions, eliminating the need to stop and refill constantly.


It is a great choice if you are looking for convenience and portability in your vacuum cleaner.

Its portable design makes it the perfect machine to take on the go, as it can be carried around easily from room to room or even between different floors.

3. Shark WV201 WANDVAC Handheld Vacuum

Best vacuum cleaner for boats


  • Powerful suction
  • Cordless
  • Lightweight 
  • Washable filters 
  • Easy to empty


  • Small dust container 

Why is it best for boats?

The Shark Handheld Vacuum is one of the best options for keeping boats clean and tidy.

It is designed to be lightweight yet powerful enough to deep clean carpets, furniture, and other surfaces.

It has powerful suction that easily picks up dirt and sand in tight corners and crevices of boats.

It also has Cyclonic Technology that prevents clogging and maintains suction power over time.

Powerful suction

This vacuum is capable of delivering powerful suction at up to 4 kPa, making it one of the most powerful handheld vacuums.

With its strong suction power, it can easily tackle even the toughest messes, making it an ideal choice if you have pets or children, or boats.

A unique feature of it is its brush roll motorized brush with LED lights that can help reveal unseen dirt particles on the floor.

It means that you can get a more thorough clean every time when using this vacuum.


Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery gives you up to 80 minutes of runtime on a single charge. That ensures quick and effortless cleanups for any mess.

It ensures that you would not need any cord for power or do not tangle in the cables while cleaning.


It is an incredibly lightweight vacuum, making it the perfect choice for quick clean-ups around your boat.

It weighs only 1.4 pounds, so you won’t get tired of carrying it around as you move from one place to another.

With its small size, it packs plenty of power and can easily take on various messes. Its compact design makes it easy to store without taking up much space in your boat.

Washable filters 

It is equipped with a reusable and washable filter. It allows for easy cleaning and maintenance while reducing the need to purchase replacement filters constantly.

Its unique design also makes it easier to remove the filter and dust cup for easy washing and drying.

Since it uses reusable filters, it helps reduce waste from single-use disposable filters and is more cost-effective in the long run as you don’t need to keep purchasing new replacements.

Easy to empty

Its one-touch button release system allows you to easily and hygienically empty the contents of the dust cup into the trash without having to come in contact with any dirt or debris.

This feature ensures that you’re not getting in touch with the dust to avoid any allergies or diseases.

4. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Flex Handheld Vacuum

Best vacuum cleaner for boats


  • Cordless 
  • Washable filters 
  • Portable 
  • Pet hair attachment 
  • Long hose
  • Lightweight


  • The price may be too high

Why is it best for boats?

It features a powerful 20V motor that provides excellent suction power, allowing you to quickly and easily remove dirt, debris, and liquid spills from all corners of your boat’s interior.

The lightweight design offers superior maneuverability so that you can easily access tight spaces between and around furniture and equipment.

Its attachments make it easy to reach hard to reach areas like drains, hinges, crevices, and more.


It is a powerful and cordless vacuum that provides excellent suction power for quick cleanups.

It is ideal for hard-to-reach areas; its cordless design allows you to maneuver around furniture and corners easily.

Its battery system also provides up to 30 minutes of runtime on a full charge, so you can go longer between recharging.

Washable filters 

It comes with a washable filter that ensures maximum performance and extended life of the vacuum.

The filter is washable and reusable so that you can save money on replacement filters in the long run.

The filter is easy to remove for quick cleaning, so you can keep it clean and clear for optimal performance.

These filters are made using advanced cyclonic technology to capture and retain dust, dirt, and other debris while allowing air to pass through.

It also boasts a unique design that prevents clogs and blockages so that you can get consistent performance for longer periods of time.


The vacuum is incredibly portable. It is designed for ultimate convenience, with its lightweight design and cordless capabilities enabling easy portability.

Its comfortable handgrip and slim shape also make it easy to maneuver around tight spaces. Its detachable nozzle allows you to easily suction debris from hard-to-reach crevices and cracks.

Pet hair attachment 

It comes with an additional pet hair attachment, making pet hair removal easier and more efficient.

Its flexible hose and included attachments offer a deep clean on even the most hard-to-reach places in your boat.

The LED lights on the nozzle help to easily spot any hidden debris or pet hair so no mess is left behind.

Long hose

It is the perfect choice for tackling hard-to-reach areas because of its long hose. The house is ideal for reaching up high ceilings or underneath furniture.

The hose is also flexible, allowing you to move around corners or tight spaces without worrying about maneuvering.


The vacuum is incredibly lightweight; it just weighs in at just 1.5 pounds. It makes it easy and convenient for all cleaning jobs around your boat.

Its lightweight also allows you to move it around your boat without straining its arms and backs, making it a great option if you have physical limitations or mobility issues.

limited warranty

The vacuum is backed by a limited warranty for up to two years from the date of purchase. This warranty covers defects in material and workmanship, meaning any issues or problems that arise due to manufacturing.

The limited warranty also includes parts and labor for the repair or replacement of all components that are found to be faulty as a result of the manufacturing process.

In some cases, it may also provide coverage for certain parts, such as motors and batteries.

5. Hoover Linx Signature Stick

Best vacuum cleaner for boats


  • Cordless 
  • Great suction 
  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to empty


  • Too noisy 

Why is it best for boats?

The Hoover Linx Stick is one of the best cordless vacuums on the market and is an ideal choice for boats.

It is incredibly lightweight at just 8 lbs, so it’s easy to carry and maneuver around a boat.

Its powerful motor provides suction up to 6 amps, perfect for picking up dirt and debris quickly and efficiently from flooring, furniture, carpets, or other surfaces found on boats.

It also features a swivel head that allows for easy access in tight spaces.


It is a powerful and convenient cordless vacuum cleaner. It has an 18V LithiumIon battery; it also

offers up to 30 minutes of runtime on a single charge, allowing you to clean large areas without needing to stop and plug in.

Its low profile base allows it to reach under furniture easily to clean those hard-to-reach areas.

Great suction 

It has a powerful suction motor that ensures strong and thorough cleaning. Its multi-cyclonic technology can pick up even the most stubborn dirt, dust, and debris.

Its strong suction and long, slim design make it perfect for getting around furniture legs and into tight nooks and crannies.

It also uses wind tunnel 2 technology to deliver consistent, powerful suction across any floor type.

It has also an Auto height adjustment feature that automatically adjusts the brush roll height, so you don’t have to worry about manually changing the setting.


It is a lightweight vacuum cleaner designed to make cleaning your boat effortless. It has just 8.5 lbs, and it is incredibly easy to maneuver around furniture and corners, allowing you to clean easily and efficiently.

Its brush roll shutoff feature lets you easily transition from carpet to hard floor surfaces without changing settings or attachments.

Easy to empty 

The vacuum has a convenient and easy-to-empty dust cup that can hold up to 0.5 liters of dirt and debris.

The dust cup has a quick-release feature, making it easy to empty without taking off any pieces.

In order to empty the dust cup, press the release button on the front of the vacuum, slide open the door and pour the contents into your trash can.

Price point

It is an excellent vacuum cleaner that offers great value for its price. It is available for around $154, which is on the more affordable end of the spectrum compared to other models.

All the features make it an ideal vacuum cleaner if you are looking for something that offers great value at an affordable price point.

How to choose the best vacuum for boats?

Choosing the best vacuum for a boat can be daunting and difficult. But with some research and consideration, it is possible to find the right one that suits your needs and budget.

Consider some key points when selecting a vacuum for your boat.

Such as size, suction power, and attachments to get the optimal performance from a vacuum.

Suction power

When choosing the best vacuum for boats, suction power is an important consideration. Boats have unique environments and require more robust suction than land vacuums.

The vacuum indicates its power level, so you should look for vacuums with higher wattage ratings.

Some of the special features can provide extra suction power depending on the boat’s specific needs.

For instance, a hand-held vacuum with a brush attachment can provide powerful cleaning for carpets and upholstery, while an adjustable nozzle can help reach tight spaces or corners around the boat.


The main advantage of cordless vacuums for boats is their convenience. Cordless vacuums are lightweight and portable, so you can easily be transported from one place to another.

Cordless vacuums don’t require a source of electricity which makes them ideal for use on boats without a power supply.

They also provide the freedom to move around freely without worrying about being restricted by a cord.

Another benefit of cordless vacuums is the lack of noise compared to traditional models.

Traditional vacuums create loud noises that can be disruptive and irritating when used on boats, whereas quieter cordless models make cleaning easier in peace.

They are also more environmentally friendly as they don’t require any emissions or other types of pollution that could harm marine life.

Large capacity

A large-capacity vacuum is ideal for boats since they are often used in confined spaces and need to be able to hold a large amount of debris and dirt without making multiple trips to empty the tank.

Many boats’ vacuums come with tanks with a capacity of up to five gallons, more than enough for most jobs.

If you’re looking for something with even higher capacity, some models can handle as much as 8 to 10 gallons.

A larger capacity vacuums allow for more suction power. So the vacuum can pick up more dirt and debris in less time, allowing you to get the job done faster.


Boats are expensive, and any equipment required to maintain them should be cost-effective. 

Fortunately, some budget-friendly models on the market offer good suction power, easy handling, and comprehensive filtration systems.

When it comes to finding an affordable vacuum cleaner for boats, there are several options available that offer good value for money without sacrificing performance or quality.

These models feature powerful motors and efficient filtration systems to keep your boat clean without breaking your budget.

How do clean boats use a vacuum?

Cleaning a boat can be a time-consuming task, but using a vacuum cleaner can make the job faster and easier.

Vacuum cleaners come in various sizes, power levels, and features for cleaning boats. When using a vacuum to clean a boat, it is important to ensure that all surfaces are thoroughly vacuumed.

It includes all surfaces inside the cabin as well as on the exterior of the boat. To reach hidden areas or tight spaces, adapters, and extension tools should be used with the vacuum cleaner.

Marine carpet

Clean marine carpets have become increasingly popular as boaters look for ways to keep their craft looking spotless.

Vacuuming is an effective way to ensure that carpets stay looking good and free from dirt, debris, and other contaminants that can build up over time.

Vacuums are great for removing dirt and can reach deep down into the carpet fibers to remove difficult stains and allergens.

Using a vacuum with powerful suction is an important step in keeping marine carpets clean.

Many vacuums come with attachments specifically designed for cleaning boat floors, such as crevice tools, brushes, and dusters which can help loosen embedded dirt and debris.

In order to use a vacuum cleaner, you should regularly brush or steam to clean carpets to prevent dirt from accumulating in the carpet’s fibers.

Brushing helps to lift dirt out of the fabric, while steam cleaning is more thorough since it uses high-pressure steam to push out the dirt particles from deep.


The best way to clean boats with a vacuum is to use a handheld or boat-specific vacuum cleaner specially designed for marine environments.

When cleaning the casinos of your boat, use the appropriate tool attachments when vacuuming them.

Generally, casinos contain hard surfaces which can easily be damaged if you’re not careful to vacuum them.

In order to avoid damage, vacuum lightly over the surface using an attachment such as a soft brush nozzle or crevice tool.

If possible, use damp cloths rather than dry cloths when wiping down casinos, as this will help reduce the risk of scratching the surface during the cleaning process.

You should always check with manufacturer instructions before using any chemicals or detergents for spot-cleaning casinos, as some may not be appropriate for use in a marine environment.

Non Slip fiberglass

Vacuuming your boat can help remove dirt, debris, and even mildew from the surface of your boat’s fiberglass hull.

The first step in cleaning no-slipper fiberglass boats with a vacuum is prepping the area correctly. 

Remove any large debris or dirt particles from the surface before vacuuming. It helps ensure the vacuum is not clogged and can effectively pull up all dirt and grime without interruption.

It is also important to wet down the area before vacuuming as this helps loosen and lift dirt more easily than if it were dry.

Once the area is prepped properly, start vacuuming your boat’s fiberglass hull. Start at one end of the hull and slowly move back and forth in overlapping patterns while sweeping outwards towards each side of your boat.

Make sure to adjust the suction settings on your vacuum so that it isn’t too strong or weak for removing dirt on your fiberglass hull. Too strong may damage it, while too weak won’t get adequate results.

You may need to repeat this process multiple times, depending on how dirty your hull is, until all grime has been removed from the fiberglass surface completely.

After cleaning with a vacuum, use a soft sponge or microfiber cloth to remove any residue from the surface of your boat’s fiberglass hull.

Make sure to rinse afterward so that all soap residue is completely gone before waxing or applying any other treatments for further protection against weathering elements.


What is the best corrosion cleaner for boats?

The best corrosion cleaner for boats is a product specifically designed for marine applications. 

This type of cleaner should be formulated with non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally safe ingredients to help protect the delicate balance of marine ecosystems.

It should be capable of removing rust, scale, and other forms of corrosion from metals and other surfaces without damaging the finish or leaving behind any residue.

How do you clean the inside of a boat?

The inside of a boat should be cleaned regularly to keep it in the best condition possible. Start by vacuuming up any dirt or debris and then wiping down all surfaces with soap and warm water.

In order to remove odors, you should use baking soda mixed with vinegar or purchase an odor-neutralizing cleaner from a marine supply store.

Then use an anti-mildew product to prevent mold growth, as this can cause permanent damage to your boat’s interior surfaces over time.

What cleaning products to use on a boat?

Cleaning a boat requires using specialized products designed to protect the surface and remove dirt, grime, salt, and other environmental pollutants.

You should choose cleaning products specifically designed for boats and marine environments.

Common cleaning products used on boats include soap or detergent formulated for marine use, a soft brush or sponge to gently scrub away dirt and grime, a mild abrasive cleaner for tough stains, and a metal polish for aluminum surfaces.

You should also have good quality boat wax to protect the finish after cleaning.

A pressure washer or steam cleaner can be used for heavier jobs like removing barnacles from the hull or removing heavy accumulation of dirt and grime.

What kind of vacuum picks up water?

A wet/dry vac or shop vac is an industrial-strength vacuum designed to pick up dry and liquid materials.

These specialized vacuums are equipped with a powerful motor that can easily handle liquids, as well as other items such as sawdust, dirt, and debris.

They often come with additional attachments for cleaning up hard-to-reach areas like corners and crevices.

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Wrapping Up

We hope this article has helped you select the right vacuum cleaner for a boat.

Our top picks include WLUPEL Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and Dyson V7 Allergy HEPA.

These vacuum cleaners offer you excellent features such as; great suction power, large capacity, long-life batteries, and an affordable price.

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