When picking a bag for your Kenmore vacuum, you might wonder about the difference between C and Q bags. 

Let’s dive into what sets them apart so you can make the best choice for your cleaning needs.

Let’s begin!

Difference Between Kenmore C and Q Bags

When you are choosing between the Kenmore C and Q bags for your vacuum, think of it like picking between two types of shoes. 

The Kenmore C bag is your standard, reliable choice, and it is suitable for most canister vacuums. 

On the other hand, the Kenmore Q bag is like the upgraded version, offering HEPA filtration for you if you want to catch even the tiniest of particles

While both bags serve canister vacuums, your specific needs and concerns, such as allergies, might sway your choice.

1. Purpose

Kenmore C 

You can think of this as your everyday, go-to bag. It’s made for canister vacuums, which are those vacuums that have a separate tank and hose. So, if you have a canister vacuum, this bag is like its regular outfit.

Kenmore Q 

This one’s a bit special; it’s also for canister vacuums, but it comes with a bonus feature. If you’re someone who really wants to make sure you’re catching all tiny dust particles and allergens, this bag is like giving your vacuum a superhero cape. 

2. Size and Fit

Kenmore C

This is like your everyday pair of sneakers; as it’s designed to fit a variety of Kenmore canister vacuums. 

Its like you’d check your shoe size before buying, and always ensure your vacuum’s model matches the bag’s specifications.

Kenmore Q

This one’s a bit like those special shoes you’d wear for specific occasions. While it’s also for Kenmore canister vacuums, not every model will fit this bag perfectly. 

So, before you buy this you should ensure you’re getting the right size for your vacuum, just as you’d double-check before getting a pair of shoes.

3. Filtration

Kenmore C 

This bag is like a regular net that catches most of the big fish (dust and dirt) in the water (air). It does a good job for everyday cleaning.

Kenmore Q

Now, imagine this bag as a finer net; it not only catches the big fish but also the tiny ones (smaller dust particles and allergens). 

This is because it has HEPA filtration. If you or your family members have allergies or just want cleaner air in your home, this bag might be for you.

4. Price

When you’re shopping, you might notice that Kenmore Q bags usually have a higher price tag compared to the C bags. 

It’s a bit like seeing a designer shoe priced higher than a regular one. The reason? The Q bags come with that special HEPA filtration, which is like the extra feature. 

So, if you’re deciding based on your budget, you should keep in mind that while Kenmore C bags are more wallet-friendly, Kenmore Q offers that added filtration benefit.

Are Type C and Type Q vacuum bags the same?

No, they’re not the same; the Type C bag is a standard choice for canister vacuums. In contrast, a Type Q bag offers you HEPA filtration, catching tinier particles. 

What are the different vacuum bag types?

There are several vacuum bag types to fit your cleaning needs. Your upright vacuum might use a U bag, while a canister vacuum could need a C or Q bag. 

If you have a handheld, it might use a different type altogether. So, you should check your vacuum’s manual to find the perfect match.

Are all vacuum cleaner bags the same?

No, all vacuum cleaner bags aren’t the same; it’s like your shoes aren’t one-size-fits-all, vacuum bags come in different sizes and types to fit specific vacuum models. 

How do I know my vacuum bag size?

In order to find out your vacuum bag size, check your vacuum’s manual or look for a label on the machine. 

It’ll tell you the specific bag type your vacuum needs; and remember, using the right bag size ensures your vacuum works its best for you.

Final Words

When you’re deciding between the Kenmore C and Q bags for your vacuum, it’s all about your personal needs. 

Your Kenmore C bag is the go-to, standard choice for many canister vacuums. But if you’re keen on trapping even the tiniest particles, Kenmore Q bag, with its HEPA filtration, might be the better pick for you. 

And always remember to check your vacuum’s model to ensure you’re getting the perfect fit for your machine. 

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