I remember it like it was yesterday. I had just bought my new Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner and was so excited to try it out on the carpets in my house.

But as soon as I turned it on, a huge cloud of dust came billowing out from the machine. It was everywhere – all over me, all over the furniture, and all over the floor.

So, I researched online to figure out why this is happening. After struggling for a few hours, I get my vacuum working back perfectly.

In this article, I’ll walk you through why your Dirt Devil spits out dust and how you can fix it.

Let’s get started!

How to Fix Dirt Devil Spitting Out Dust

These are possible solutions you can try to resolve your Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner. 

1. Clogged Filter or Hose

If your vacuum filter or hose becomes clogged, it can cause it to spit out dust and particles instead of suctioning them in.

This problem often occurs when the filter has been used for too long without being cleaned or replaced, as debris can get stuck in the filter and restrict airflow.

When your Dirt Devil is spitting out dust, it is likely due to a clogged filter. Firstly you should check your filter for any blockages and replace or clean it if necessary.

Next, inspect the hose for any items that are blocking the flow of air and remove if there are any items.

Also, you should check all parts of your vacuum for any other signs of damage that may be causing an airflow restriction.

2. Faulty Bag

A faulty bag will usually cause your device to work less efficiently and release dirt and dust into the air.

This can occur if there are holes in the vacuum bag, allowing particles to escape through the gaps.

On the other hand, if the seal between the vacuum cleaner and the bag is not secured properly, this may also contribute to debris being released.

Sometimes, when your vacuum has a filled bag, its suction power will be significantly reduced. This occurs because there’s too much dirt and dust inside of it for your device to pull in new material.

It’s, therefore, important to ensure you replace your vacuum bags regularly so they don’t become overloaded with debris.

3. Worn Moving Parts

The most common issue is that the brushes and/or belts of the vacuum become worn down over time, increasing dust and dirt being dispelled from the machine.

As the brushes wear down, they become less effective at picking up dirt and debris, decreasing overall cleaning performance.

When the belts wear down, they can slip or fail completely, which can decrease suction power and cause dust to be expelled.

You can fix this issue from occurring by regularly inspecting your vacuum for signs of wear and tear on its parts, such as fraying or slipping belts or worn-down brushes.

If necessary, replace any worn components with new ones to maintain optimum cleaning performance.

4. Improper Maintenance

When not properly maintained, your Dirt Devil can start spitting out dust instead of containing it. Improper maintenance can mean anything from not regularly replacing the filter to failing to clean the vacuum parts with warm water.

When vacuums aren’t taken care of according to manufacturer instructions, dirt, and debris can become trapped in the internal components, causing them to clog up over time.

This prevents the vacuum from working as intended and can lead to dirt and dust being returned to your home.

In a few cases, the internals of a clogged vacuum can even begin to overheat, which will cause permanent damage that cannot be fixed without professional or replacement parts.


Why is my Dirt Devil vacuum not suctioning?

If your Devil vacuum is not suctioning, it may be because of the clogged filter. If the filter is clogged, the vacuum can not properly suction.

To solve the issue, you should ensure that the vacuum filter is not clogged if it is, you must clean it.

Final Words

These are a few possible solutions you can try to resolve your Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner that is spitting out dust:

  • Clogged filter or hose
  • Faulty bag
  • Blocked hose
  • Worn moving parts
  • Improper maintenance 

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