I remember the frustration I felt when my Dyson vacuum randomly shut off after just a few minutes of cleaning. 

It seemed like no matter what I did, the problem persisted. I couldn’t understand why my vacuum could have such an issue. 

So, I researched online to determine why the vacuum was turned off. After a few hours, I find possible solutions and get it working back. 

In this article, I’ll walk you through the steps of why your vacuum keeps shutting off and how you can fix it. 

Let’s get started!

How to Fix Dyson Vacuum Shuts Off After A Few Minutes

You should try these solutions to fix your Dyson vacuum that keeps shutting off after a few minutes. 

1. Check Power Cable

If your Dyson vacuum isn’t cordless, then the problem can be due to a faulty power cable. So, you should check your vacuum power cord to ensure it isn’t faulty. 

The power cord should be securely inserted into the power socket and working perfectly. You should also check the cable length to ensure it isn’t damaged or broken. 

If the wire is torn or damaged, you should replace it with a new compatible one. While you are replacing the cable, check its gauge; it should be the same as the original one. 

Replacing the cord will cost you about 10$, and the labor cost can also be 5-8$. The replacement cord will be easily available online. 

2. Check Battery & Charging

Suppose you have a cordless/battery-operated vacuum. You should ensure it is completely charged. Sometimes the battery might not be charged or not properly inserted. 

When the battery is placed incorrectly into the vacuum, it prevents it from receiving current while used. 

On the other hand, you should also ensure the vacuum charger is inserted into the socket firmly. If the AC adapter isn’t properly plugged in, you may face this problem. 

Mostly vacuum batteries can be damaged due to their life and type of use. A dead battery cannot hold a charge and cause the vacuum to shut off randomly. 

This problem can be resolved by replacing the battery with a new compatible one. The battery replacement will help you get it working back perfectly. 

Your vacuum battery and charger can cost you about 150$; the cost can be increased or decreased according to the vacuum model. 

3. Turn off Max Extra Power Mode

The max extra power mode on your Dyson vacuum cleaner is used to provide you 6 minutes of the highest suction power for tackling really stubborn tasks. 

If you’ve enabled this mode on your vacuum cleaner, it might cause quick battery drainage and shutting off the vacuum. 

In order to prevent this problem, you should disable the “Max Extra Power” mode for your Dyson vacuum cleaner. 

You can turn it off by pressing the “Max” button from the vacuum; if you are unable to do so, you can read the owner’s manual. 

4. Check for Blockage

If your vacuum is still turning off or making a high pitch noise, you should ensure its debris bag/ dirt bin is empty; there is no blockage at the top of it. 

You can check it in direct sunlight/ using a torch and carefully inspect if there is no blockage in the valve where it connects to the canister. 

You should ensure that it’s free of dirt and hair and opens or closes freely. You should also check the other attachment. They can be causing this problem with your vacuum. 

5. Filter Not Connected Properly

When a Dyson vacuum shuts off after a few minutes of use, it may be due to an issue with the filter not being connected properly.

This is because your vacuum relies on suction created by air passing through the filter, and when the filter is disconnected, that airflow will be significantly reduced.

If the filter is not connected properly, the vacuum will overheat and shut off to protect its components from damage.

Ensure proper filter connection; it should be firmly fastened onto the vacuum and secure all its connections.

Also, check for any blockages in the filter or other parts of the vacuum, as this can lead to overheating and cause it to shut off prematurely.

6. Using an Incompatible Floor Type

When used with an incompatible floor type, your vacuum may also shut off after a few minutes of usage.

This can happen when using the vacuum on hardwood, tile, linoleum, laminate, or other non-carpeted surfaces.

The vacuum’s motor is designed to run cooler on carpets and may overheat if used on any other surface.

The roller brush may not be designed to handle these surfaces and can cause decreased suction power or even damage the brush and motor if used too frequently.

You can avoid damaging your vacuum by reading the user manual, and ensuring that it is compatible with the floor type before use is essential.

7. Dirty Filters

If all the solutions fail to fix your Dyson vacuum, you should check its filter; it can be clogged or blocked. 

The HEPA filter is located at the back of your vacuum and near the max power switch. On the other hand, the pre-filter is located in the middle of the cyclone. 

So, you should remove the filters and check them to ensure they aren’t clogged or damaged. You can clean the filter using compressed air or damp water. 

However, if the filter is broken/ torn, you should replace it with a new one. Replacement of the filter can cost you 30$ and is available from the manufacturer or online. 

8. Contact Customer Support

If you still have a problem with your vacuum cleaner, you should get it checked by an expert or contact Dyson customer support. 

The customer support team will help you in this situation and provide you with other possible solutions to resolve the problem. 

Why is the Dyson Battery Flashing Red and Blue

When your Dyson battery starts flashing red and blue, it can indicate that there is an issue with its battery or not charging. 

This light on your vacuum is usually an error warning designed to indicate your problem. 

There will be different reasons for your vacuum to flash red and blue:

I). Overheating:

This error code might indicate that your Dyson vacuum is overheating. And your vacuum can overheat if you use it for an extended period. 

Sometimes it occurs when you use it in an incompatible environment/ weather conditions. If your vacuum and battery need to be cooled down and charged again. 

II). Charging Issues:

The flashing lights on your Dysong vacuum’s battery might be an indication of an issue with the charging process. 

It can be because the battery isn’t securely connected to the power socket or if the problem is with the vacuum charger. 

In order to resolve you should test the charger connection; it should be securely connected to the socket. You can also use a different charging cable to resolve the problem. 

III). Battery Depletion:

Another reason for your battery to flash red and blue can be due to if the battery is completely drained. 

The indicating light alerts you that the battery needs to be recharged. So, you should plug the vacuum back in. 

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Final Words

These are solutions that will help you to resolve your Dyson vacuum that keeps shutting off after a few minutes:

  • Check Power Cable 
  • Check Battery & Charging
  • Turn off Max Extra Power Mode
  • Check for Blockage 
  • Filter Not Connected Properly
  • Using an Incompatible Floor Type

Now I’d like to hear from you!

Which method from this article has resolved your Dyson vacuum turning-off problem? Are you still experiencing issues with your vacuum? 

Let me know in the comment. 


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