Polaris Pool Cleaner Gets Stuck In Corner

Every summer afternoon, I’d watch my Polaris pool cleaner glide effortlessly across the shimmering water, like a graceful water bug. 

But lately, there’s been a hiccup in its dance. Instead of covering every inch of the pool, it’s been getting stuck in one stubborn corner.

So, I decided to research and figure out the reasons behind this. After a few hours I got my pool cleaner working back. 

In this article I’ll share why your Polaris pool cleaner gets stuck in the corner and how you can fix it. 

Let’s dive in!

How to Fix Polaris Pool Cleaner Gets Stuck In Corner

Polaris Pool Cleaner Gets Stuck In Corner

Shape and Design

The shape and design of your pool play a big role in how your pool cleaner moves around.

If your pool has lots of curves or unusual designs, it might find some spots tricky. 

Here’s what you can do:

Check Pool’s Edges

If your pool has sharp corners or tight spots, it will get trapped; and you should consider using pool bumpers or cushions to soften these edges.

Adjust Tail

The tail of your cleaner helps it move and turn; if it’s too long or too short, it might cause problems. So, you should adjust it to the right length for your pool’s design.

Rearrange Accessories

If you have steps, ladders, or toys in your pool, they might be in the cleaner’s way.

So, you should move them to a different spot or remove them when the cleaner is working.

Wheel Problems

When your pool cleaner keeps getting stuck, its wheels might be the culprits.

Here’s a simple guide to help you sort it out:

Check Debris

Sometimes, small stones, twigs, or other debris can get caught in the wheels.

So, you should turn off your cleaner and take a close look. If you see anything stuck, remove it.

Examine Tires

If the tires are worn out or damaged, they won’t grip the pool floor well. This can make your cleaner slide into a corner and stay there. If they look old or smooth, you should consider replacing them.

Test Wheel Rotation

You should also spin each wheel with your hand; they should turn easily. If any wheel feels tight or doesn’t spin, it might be broken or jammed. In this situation you might need to replace it.

Adjust RPM

Your Polaris cleaner has a certain speed it likes to go. If it’s moving too fast or too slow, it can get stuck. 

So, you should check the manual for your model and see if you can adjust the wheel RPM (rotations per minute) to the recommended setting.

Hose Issues

Another when your Polaris pool cleaner keeps getting stuck in a corner, the hose might be the culprit. 

Here’s how you can solve this problem:

Untangle Hose

Sometimes, the hose can get twisted; and lay it out straight on a flat surface, like your yard, to help it relax and untwist.

Check Kinks

If your hose has a bend or kink, it can restrict the cleaner’s movements. You should straighten out any kinks you find.

Inspect Damage

You should also look over your hose for any cracks or holes. If you find any, you should replace that section or get a new hose.

Adjust the Length

If your hose is too long, it leads your machine to the same corner again and again. So, you should try shortening it a bit to see if that helps.

Clean Hose

Another common thing is dirt or debris inside the hose and can slow down your cleaner. Flush it out with water to make sure it’s clear.

Pool Obstacles

Here’s how you can tackle this issue:

Check for Debris

Sometimes, leaves, toys, or other items can block your cleaner’s path. So, ensure to remove any obstacles from your pool regularly.

Inspect Floor and Walls

Uneven surfaces or bumps in your pool’s floor or walls can trap your cleaner. If you find any, you should consider getting them smoothed out.

Rearrange Furniture

If you have underwater seats or steps, your cleaner might get stuck around them. You should try rearranging or removing them temporarily to see if it helps.

Watch Cleaner

You may also need to spend some time watching how your cleaner moves. This can help you spot which obstacles are causing the most trouble.

Water Flow

The water flow is like the engine for your pool cleaner. It’s what gives it the power to move around. 

If the water isn’t flowing, your cleaner might not have the energy to escape tight spots, like that pesky corner. 

Here’s how you can fix it:

Check Pressure

Ensure your pool’s pump and filter are working well; if they’re not, your cleaner won’t get enough push from the water.

Clean Jets

Sometimes, little bits of dirt or leaves can block the cleaner’s jets; this can slow it down.

So, you should give them a good clean to make sure water can flow out easily.

Adjust Thrusters

Your cleaner has a thruster that helps steer it; if it’s pointing in the wrong direction, it might be sending your cleaner straight to the corner. So, you should adjust it so your cleaner moves in different directions.

Final Words

If your Polaris pool cleaner keeps hugging that same corner, it’s likely due to a few common issues. 

Whether it’s the water flow, a twisted hose, or something else, you have the power to fix it. 

With a bit of attention and some simple tweaks, you can get your cleaner back on track, ensuring it stays sparkling clean.


How do I stop my pool cleaner from getting stuck in the corner?

You should check and adjust the water flow, straighten out any twisted hoses, clean the cleaner’s jets, and ensure the thruster points in the right direction. 

Why does my Polaris pool cleaner stay in one spot?

It might stay in one spot due to issues like weak water flow, a tangled hose, or blocked jets. And checking or adjusting these can help it move freely again.

Why does Polaris stay on its side?

It might be because of issues with its wheels, a tangled hose, or uneven water flow. So, you should check these parts and make sure they’re working properly.

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