I recently experienced a frustrating issue with my Prettycare Vacuum Cleaner when the vacuum brush stopped spinning. After researching, I figured out what caused it and how to fix it quickly. 

In this article, I’ll share why your Prettycare vacuum brush is not spinning and explain how you can resolve this problem. 

Let’s begin!

How to Fix Vacuum Brush Not Spinning

You should follow these solutions to resolve the brush problem with your Prettycare vacuum cleaner. 

1. Check the Vacuum Hose for Clogs

When your vacuum’s brush is not spinning, it could be due to a clogged vacuum hose. The vacuum hose is the tube that connects the vacuum’s nozzle to the motor, where its suction power comes from.

Over time, dirt and debris can build up within the confines of the hose, which restricts or blocks airflow.

This blockage means that air is not able to move freely through the hose and reach the motor, thus preventing it from powering up the brush head.

In some cases, cleaning out the blocked hose may not solve this issue; you will need to replace your vacuum’s hose.

Here is how you can clean a clogged vacuum hose:

  1. Unplug the vacuum cleaner and detach the hose from it.
  2. Inspect the inside of the hose for any blockages.
  3. Remove any visible debris using a brush, cloth, or other appropriate tools.
  4. Flush out more stubborn obstructions by running water through the hose with a sprayer nozzle; you can also use an air compressor if available.
  5. Reattach it and plug in your vacuum to test and ensure that it works correctly.

2. Check the Floor Type Settings

The Prettycare Vacuum Brush is equipped with Floor Type Settings, which allow you to adjust the brush settings according to your y floor type.

This helps prevent the brush from spinning on certain surfaces that could be damaged by excessive agitation.

For example: 

On carpets and rugs, the suction power should be increased so as not to damage the pile of the carpet or rug.

On hard surfaces like tile and wood floors, the suction should be decreased in order to avoid scratching the flooring surface.

This feature also prevents debris from becoming entangled in the brush bristles, which could lead to clogging of the vacuum filter.

So, you should check your vacuum settings according to the floor type, and ensure that the machine is working optimally.

3. Replace the Vacuum Belt

This problem can also be caused by a faulty vacuum belt that drives the roller brush. The belt is made from rubber and can become brittle over time, leading to cracks, breaks, or slipping off the motor pulley.

Because the belt no longer connects the motor to the roller brush, it results in the brush not spinning.

This can also happen if the belt was installed incorrectly or is too loose on either side of the pulley wheel.

Another possible cause of this issue is the clogging of dirt or debris in and around the roller brush itself which prevents it from spinning freely.

So, you should replace your Prettycare vacuum belt to resolve the problem; replacing the belt isn’t much difficult as long as you have access to a new one.

You should select an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacement part for your specific model of vacuum.

As aftermarket belts may not fit correctly and could result in further damage. Once you’ve replaced the belt, turn on the vacuum to check if it works.

4. Clean the Brush Roller

If replacing the belt doesn’t fix the vacuum the problem can be related to the brushes itself. The brush may not be spinning due to a buildup of dirt in the brush roller. When the brush roller becomes clogged with dirt, it can prevent it from spinning properly.

As such, if the vacuum cleaner is having difficulty spinning its brush, you should clean the brush rollers in order to restore optimal performance.

In order to clean the brush rollers, start by turning off your vacuum and removing any attachments from the wand.

Next, use a small flat-head screwdriver to remove any debris caught between the bristles of the roller.

After that, turn the vacuum back on and check for any remaining debris lodged in the roller’s bristles.

If there is still debris present, use an old toothbrush or similar tool to loosen and remove it. Finally, wipe down any excess dirt or dust using a damp cloth.

5. Adjust The Tension Settings

You can also resolve this problem by adjusting the tension settings which can be done by following these simple steps:

First, locate the tension setting lever that is present at the end of the brush roller and turn it clockwise until you hear a clicking sound.

This will increase the tension in the system and should help get your brush spinning again. Once you have adjusted the tension settings, it is important to test out the brush roller.

All you need to do is switch on your vacuum cleaner and hold the handle near the roller. If it starts spinning again then your problem has been solved.

6. Contact Customer Service

If your Prettycare vacuum brush is still not spinning after troubleshooting the issue, it might be a sign that there is an underlying problem with the unit.

In this scenario, it would be best to Contact Customer Service for assistance. Customer service will be able to provide helpful advice to identify and fix the issue.

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Final Words

These are solutions that will help you to resolve your Prettycare vacuum brush problems:

  • Check the Vacuum Hose for Clogs
  • Replace the Vacuum Belt
  • Clean the Brush Roller
  • Lubricate All Of The Moving Parts
  • Adjust The Tension Settings
  • Replace Belts or Bristles

Now I’d like to hear from you!

Which method from this article has resolved your Prettycare vacuum cleaner? Do you need other help with your vacuum? 

Let me know in the comment. 


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