Roborock Not Cleaning Properly

After weeks of relying on my Roborock, I noticed it wasn’t cleaning as efficiently as before. Bits of dirt and dust remained on the floor, mocking its once-pristine performance. 

I realized that machines, just like us, need a little care and attention. Maybe it’s time I checked its brushes, sensors, and gave it a good maintenance run. 

So, in this article I’ll share my experience on how I fixed my Roborock cleaner that wasn’t working properly. 

Let’s dive in!

How to Fix Roborock Not Cleaning Properly

Roborock Not Cleaning Properly

Check brushes

Over time, your vacuum’s brushes can collect hair, threads, and other debris; and this can hinder its cleaning ability. 

Here is how to fix this:

  • Firstly turn off your Roborock and flip it over.
  • Then locate its main brush compartment.
  • Open the compartment and remove the brush.
  • You should use scissors to cut away any tangled hair or threads.
  • Clean the brush bristles gently with a brush or cloth.
  • Once you’ve cleaned, reinsert the brush and close the compartment.
  • Turn on your vacuum cleaner and test its cleaning performance.

Clean sensors

On the other hand, dirt and dust can also accumulate on your Roborock’s sensors, and affect its cleaning efficiency. 

Here is how you can fix it:

  • Turn off your vacuum and unplug it.
  • Locate its sensors, usually found underneath and on the sides.
  • Then gently wipe them using a soft, damp cloth.
  • Ensure no moisture enters the device.
  • Once clean, let the sensor air dry before turning it back on.

So, regularly cleaning the sensors can help you to maintain your robot’s cleaning performance and navigation accuracy.

Empty dustbin

When you are having this problem, you should ensure its dustbin is empty. Emptying the dustbin is crucial for its performance. When it’s full, the vacuum can’t pick up more dirt. 

Here is how to fix this:

  • Open your Roborock’s top lid.
  • Remove its dustbin.
  • Empty its contents into a trash bin.
  • Now, clean any residual dirt inside.
  • Place the dustbin back into the vacuum.
  • Ensure it’s securely seated.

When you keep your vacuum’s dustbin empty, you’ll help it to clean more efficiently without having any trouble.

Update firmware

If the problem is still not solved, you should consider updating your machine. It might not be cleaning due to a software glitch and updating will refresh its software. 

Here’s how you can do this:

  • Connect your vacuum to Wi-Fi.
  • Open the Roborock app on your phone.
  • Go to the device’s settings.
  • Look for an “Update Firmware” or similar option.
  • If an update is available, click “Update.”
  • Wait for the process to finish.
  • And restart your Roborock.

Reset device

If you are still unable to solve your robot vacuum, you should reset it to factory default settings. 

Your machine might not work efficiently due to software glitch, and resetting will remove these kinds of bugs. 

Here is how to reset your Roborock:

  • Turn it off.
  • Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds.
  • Wait for a beep or light indicator.
  • Release the button.
  • Turn it back on.

Unclog filters

Over time, the filters in your vacuum cleaner can become clogged with dust and debris, reducing its cleaning efficiency. 

To fix this:

  • 1. Open its top compartment.
  • 2. Remove the filter.
  • 3. Gently tap it to release loose dirt.
  • 4. Use a soft brush to clean away any stubborn debris.
  • 5. If the filter looks worn out, consider replacing it.
  • 6. Once clean, reinsert the filter securely.

While regularly checking and cleaning the filter ensures your vacuum cleaner works at its best.

Charge fully

You should also ensure that your vacuum is fully charged; because its low battery can affect its cleaning performance. 

So, you can plug it into its charging dock and wait until it reaches 100%. A full battery ensures it operates at its best and covers the entire cleaning area.

Replace parts

Another thing is to check its parts and ensure if they wear out or get damaged. If your Roborock isn’t cleaning properly, it might be due to a faulty component. 

So, you should check its brushes, filters, and wheels for visible wear or damage. If you spot any, order genuine replacement parts from the manufacturer. 

Once you have the new parts, follow the user manual to replace them correctly. A simple part replacement can often restore your cleaner to its optimal performance.

Consult Professional

If none of the methods has solved your vacuum cleaner, you should consider contacting the Roborock customer support. 

The customer support will be able to help you in this situation, and provide you with different solutions. 

Bottom Line

When your Roborock isn’t cleaning as it should, it’s essential to take action; you should check its brushes, sensors, and dustbin. 

Also remember to update its firmware and consider replacing worn-out parts. Like any device, your vacuum needs regular care to function at its best. 

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