When I first got my shark vacuum, I was so excited about its features and all the dirt it could suck up. But after a few uses, I noticed something strange; the vacuum would only run when tilted back.

It was incredibly frustrating and confusing so, I decided to research online and figure out why this problem is happening with my vacuum.

After a few hours, I found solutions and get it working back perfectly. In this article I’ll show you why your Shark vacuum only works when tilted and how to fix it.

Let’s get started!

How to Fix Shark Vacuum Only Runs When Tilted Back

You should try these solutions to resolve your Shark vacuum that only works when tilted back.

#1. A Faulty Motor

A faulty motor is the most likely cause of your vacuum only running when tilted back. The motor turns the fan blades, creating suction and powering the vacuum cleaner’s cleaning capabilities.

When the motor is working properly, it should be able to run at any angle, even if the vacuum is upright or horizontal.

If the motor malfunctions, it may be limited in generating sufficient power. And prevent it from running effectively unless the machine is tilted back.

In this position, gravity can help draw air into the machine and assist the motor turning the fan blades.

In order to resolve the problem you will need to inspect the vacuum motor and fix it to ensure the device is working perfectly.

You’ll also want to check if any loose parts in the device could be causing an issue with power delivery to the motor.

#2. Reset Vacuum Motor

Sometimes this problem with your vacuum can be caused by a faulty motor, incompatible settings, or the surface you are cleaning.

This can be done fairly easily by disconnecting the vacuum from the power source and then leaving it alone for at least one hour.

After this period has passed, reconnect the vacuum and attempt to use it again. If this does not fix the problem, then you may need to replace parts.

#3. Filters are Blocked

The problem might also be caused by a blocked intake or exhaust port. This means that the airflow is hindered, and the motor has to work harder to move the suctioned debris through the intake and out the exhaust.

As a result, the vacuum will not run properly if it is in a stationary position. In order to fix this problem, start by examining the intake and exhaust ports for any blockages.

If any clogs are present, use a cleaning brush or other tool to remove them. Also, use an air compressor to blow out dust or debris from these components.

Once both of these ports are clear of blockages, your Shark vacuum should run normally when upright.

#4. Power Cord Issue

In a few cases, this problem will be due to a faulty power cord in your vacuum. When the power cord is too short, it can become pinched or bent when left in its natural position.

This can disrupt the connection with the plug and cause it to lose power unless it is held at a certain angle.

To fix this issue, you should check that the power cord is not bent or damaged and that it is long enough to reach the outlet without becoming stretched too tight.

You may also need to purchase an extension cord with the same type of plug so that you can have access to longer power cords.

The extension cord might cost you about 20-25$ and it can be easily available from the manufacturer or online store. 

You can also adjust the height of your outlets or consider using electrical tape if any bending needs to be done in order to get a sufficient connection.

#5. A Faulty Switch

A faulty switch likely causes the problem with a Shark vacuum running only when tilted back. The switch controls the power to the motor, so if it is not properly working, it won’t turn on and allow the vacuum cleaner to function.

A faulty switch can be caused by several things, including dust or debris accumulation on the contacts and worn-out components due to age.

No matter what caused it, a faulty switch needs to be replaced for your vacuum cleaner to run normally.

The first step is to locate and remove the problematic switch from its housing in the vacuum cleaner body. Once removed, inspect it for signs of dirt or damage that might have caused it to malfunction.

If you suspect dirt or debris accumulation is at fault, you can try cleaning off the contacts using a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

If cleaning doesn’t work, you’ll need to source a replacement switch from an online retailer like Amazon or from Shark’s website.

#6. Worn or Damaged Belt

A worn or damaged belt can also cause problems with vacuums because they may slip or break. Results in the vacuum motor not engaging properly, and shutting off completely due to a lack of power being transferred to it from the belt.

In order to fix the problem, you need to replace the worn or damaged belt with a new one. You can purchase replacement belts from many retailers online.

Once you have swapped out the old belt for a new one, your vacuum should be functioning again normally as long as no other damage has occurred during this time.

#7. Contact Manufacturer

If the problem still persists with your vacuum cleaner you should contact the Shark customer support or get it checked by an expert. 

The customer support team will be able to help you in this situation and provide you with different solutions. 

Final Words

These are solutions that will helps you to resolve your Shark vacuum issues:

  • A Faulty Motor
  • Reset Vacuum Motor
  • Filters are Blocked
  • Power Cord Issue
  • A Faulty Switch
  • Worn or Damaged Belt
  • Debris Stuck in Vacuum

Now I’d like to hear from you!

Which method from this article has resolved your Shark vacuum that only works when tilted back? Are you still experiencing issues with your vacuum? 

Let me know in the comment. 

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