As a Shark vacuum owner, I know it can be extremely frustrating when your vacuum randomly turns off by itself.

You’re in the middle of cleaning, and suddenly, the power cuts out with no warning. It’s annoying and can also be dangerous if you’re using the vacuum on stairs or other elevated surfaces.

In this article, we will explore some of the common causes behind a Shark vacuum turning off by itself and how to fix them.

Let’s get started!

Why does your Shark vacuum turn off by itself?

There are several causes for why your Shark vacuum is turned off by itself. It may be an issue with the battery, electric socket, or suction motor.

If you’re facing an issue with your Shark vacuum cleaner, do not worry; here are the steps to troubleshoot the problem.

1. Battery issue

If your Shark vacuum cleaner is turned off by itself, it may be an issue with the vacuum’s battery.

The vacuum cleaner has a rechargeable battery for power. Long usage of the battery reduces its life.

If your vacuum turns off, you should try these steps to check the battery.

Here are the steps 

1. If the battery of your Shark vacuum cleaner is below the specific amount, then your vacuum will not perform well. A flashing light indicates if the battery of your vacuum cleaner is too low.

2. Check the light. If it is flashing, then you must recharge it for charging. Place the device in the charging dock, then plug it into the power source.

3. Also, ensure that you’re using the correct charger to charge the battery and ensure the battery is full before using a cleaner.

4. For charging the battery, let it take about five to six hours for optimal performance 

5. Replace the battery if it’s needed. 

2. Blockage and dirt

If the replacement of the battery does not solve the issue, then it may be an issue with the clogged filter or hose of the vacuum cleaner.

If your vacuum cleaner is full of debris or dirt, it may cause the vacuum cleaner to shut off by itself.

If your vacuum cleaner is also turned off by itself, then ensure you empty the dirtbag regularly after every cleaning.

Also, check the filters of your vacuum cleaner. The dirty or clogged filters can also cause the vacuum to run for a short time.

It may be caused by various things like dirt. Debris and far from the birds, these things cause clogging and lead to the vacuum not working.

You should clean the vacuum cleaner regularly, but if you’re not an expert and need more patience to do this.

Follow the steps to solve the issue

Empty dustbin

1. After every cleaning, you should empty the dirt bin. Empty the dustbin by pressing the dust bin release button, then pull out the dust bin and empty it.

2. Hold the dust cup over the garbage, then press the slider on the left side. Now you can remove the debris and dust by opening the bottom door.

3. Then close the lid after cleaning the dirt bin

4. Also clean the dustbin cup interior. Now press the dust cup door to lock into place.

3. For clogged filters 

1. You should also clean the filters for optimal performance. Remove the dust cup to remove the filters

2. If the filters look dirty clean them with warm water, then insert them back but ensure that the filters become fully dry before inserting them back.

3. Also, make sure you’re cleaning the filters with only water, do not use soap or any harsh thing.

4. After cleaning the filters, turn on the vacuum to see if it works.

For those, neck and clogged brush roll

1. Sometimes, the clogged hose and brush roll can also cause this issue. You should check the hose and brush rolls for any dirt and dust.

2. To clean the hose and brush roll, ensure all appliances are removed from the battery.

3. Now remove the floor nozzle and hand to inspect that there is any blockage

4. Now flip back the connector after detecting the floor nozzle to get the range to the hose and neck.

5. Now clean the hose and gently do not use any hard things to clean the hose. It can damage it.

6. Now clean the roll by pushing the button on the rear and pulling the nozzle from the unit, then use the tweezer to clean the roller.

7. Before reassembling the vacuum, ensure no dirt or dust is left.

4. Overheating

Overheating is another reason why your vacuum is turned off by itself. When your vacuum becomes hot, the temperature protection sensor triggers and the device shuts off automatically.

The device will not turn on when it becomes cold enough to work again. Long-term usage of the device causes the vacuum to become overheated.

If your vacuum is overheated frequently, it may damage the motor. If your vacuum becomes hot, you should cool it down.

How to prevent the vacuum from overheating

First, inspect whether your vacuum is overheated or not. If it is overheated, then let it be for about 1 hour.

Wait for the vacuum to reach room temperature before using it again. 

5. Faulty suction motor

The faulty suction motor can also cause the vacuum to turn off itself. When the vacuum hose motor becomes clogged.

Then it causes the vacuum to turn off randomly. If your vacuum is turned off randomly, you should inspect the house motor for dust and dirt.

The only way to solve the issue is the clean hose motor carefully. After cleaning the motor, turn on the vacuum to see if it works.

6. Damaged electrical socket

Sometimes the high power voltage causes the tear and wear of wires and electric sockets.

The long usage of the wires also causes them to be faulty. If the socket or wires are faulty, it may cause the vacuum to turn off randomly.

If you want to solve the issue, you should inspect the socket for visible damage. If it is worn out, you must replace it with a new one for great performance.

If it does not solve the issue, read on for more solutions.

7. Damaged vacuum itself

If all the above solutions do not work for you, then it might be an issue with your vacuum cleaner itself.

First, inspect the vacuum for visible damage. If there is no damage, replace the damaged parts, like the filter hose.

If all these do not work, you must replace the vacuum with a new one instead of wasting money.

8. Customer support

If you still need any help, you should contact Shark customer support for another solution.

Customer support can provide you with other solutions because they have qualified technicians.


Shark Wandvac keeps shutting off

The Shark Wandvac may be shutting off unexpectedly for a variety of reasons. It is essential to check the basics before looking for a deeper issue.

First, ensure that the battery has been properly charged. An insufficiently charged battery may cause the Wandvac to shut off prematurely or not start.

Also, check the filter to ensure it is clean and free of debris; too much dirt in the filter can cause the vacuum to overheat and shut off automatically.

Check for any blockages in the hose or wand that could prevent air from passing through properly.

If these basic checks do not resolve the issue, then you may need to take your Shark Wandvac to a repair shop or contact customer support directly for further troubleshooting assistance.

Shark handheld vacuum won’t stay on

The Shark handheld vacuum is a convenient and helpful tool; however, if you find that it won’t stay on when turned on.

The primary cause of this issue is often a lack of power within the vacuum itself. The battery may not have enough charge to sustain the vacuum’s operation, thus causing it to shut off prematurely.

Other possible causes include defective power cords, faulty switches, or clogged filters that inhibit airflow.

You should inspect the battery. If the battery does not have enough charge, connect it to an appropriate power source and let it charge for at least 8 hours before attempting to use it again.

Why does my vacuum shut itself off?

Your vacuum may be shutting itself off due to an internal thermal switch. This switch is designed to protect the motor from overheating in high-usage situations.

The vacuum may need to cool down before it will operate again, so try unplugging it for a few minutes before using it again.

Also, check your filters and ensure they are not clogged or dirty, which could cause the vacuum’s motor to overheat.

Why is my Shark vacuum suddenly not turning on?

The power cord or plug may have become damaged. Check them for signs of wear and tear, such as fraying or cracking.

In this case, you must replace the cord or plug with a new one. Also, check if there are any loose connections in the vacuum.

These may be causing an interruption in power flow.

Why does my Shark vacuum run for a few seconds then stop?

Your Shark vacuum may stop after a few seconds because it is overheated. When the vacuum is operating for an extended period of time.

The motor can become too hot and cut off power to prevent damage to the machine. Resolve this, allow your Shark vacuum to cool down before restarting it or remove any blockages preventing air from circulating properly in the machine.

Check all filters and ensure they are clean, as clogged filters can reduce airflow and cause overheating.

How do I know my shark is charging?

You can easily know if your Shark is charging; look for an indicator light on the power cord. This light will usually be green when the vacuum is charging and will turn red once it has reached its full charge capacity.

Wrapping Up

These are possible solutions if your Shark vacuum cleaner is turned off by itself.

  • Battery issue 
  • Blockage and dirt 
  • Overheating 
  • Faulty suction motor 
  • Damaged electrical socket 
  • Damaged vacuum itself 

If you still need help, you should contact an expert technician for other solutions. 

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