I was vacuuming my living room one day, and I noticed that the vacuum cleaner started to spit out dust, dirt, and other debris instead of sucking it up.

At first, I thought something had gone wrong with the machine, but then I realized it might be a common problem.

So, I decided to research why this might be happening and what steps could be taken to fix it.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into why your vacuum may be spitting stuff back out and how you can troubleshoot the issue to get your vacuum running smoothly again.

Let’s get started!

Why is my vacuum spitting stuff back out?

If your vacuum is spitting out dirt and debris it may be because of several causes.The most common causes are clogged filters, blocked nozzles or hoses, or worn-out belts. 

Clogged filters prevent air from flowing properly through the vacuum and can lead to suction loss. 

Blocked nozzles or hoses will cause air to be unable to reach the filter resulting in decreased cleaning power.

If you have an older model vacuum cleaner with a belt-drive motor system, a worn-out belt can cause it.

1. Vacuum bag is full

There are many possible reasons why your vacuum cleaner might be spitting out stuff and dirt. 

The most common cause is that the vacuum bag may be full. When the bag reaches its capacity, it won’t be able to hold dirt or debris.

The air pressure created by the vacuum will push out the dirt. That’s why it’s important to regularly check and replace your vacuum bag before it gets too full.

You can also buy a bagless vacuum cleaner, to eliminate the need for a disposable bag altogether.

2. Dirty filters

If your vacuum is spitting items back out, it may be because the filter becomes clogged.

Dirty filters can cause your vacuum to work inefficiently or even stop working altogether, as they block airflow, which makes it difficult for the vacuum to suction.

That’s why regularly replacing or cleaning your vacuum filters is so important; otherwise, you may find yourself in trouble.

If your vacuum is spitting things back out, check the filter. Empty any removable canister-type filter containers or use a brush attachment to clean off foam and pleated filters.

3. Clogged vacuum head

A clogged vacuum head is one of the most common causes of a vacuum spitting dust back out. 

This may happen when small objects, such as lint, pet fur, and dust particles, become lodged in the hose or bristles of the vacuum head.

If these items are cleaned out regularly, they can build up and prevent a blockage in the system. 

This blockage makes it difficult for air to pass through, resulting in the vacuum sucks dirt and debris back out.

To prevent this issue from occurring, you should ensure to clean your vacuums regularly.

How to clean a Vacuum that has detachable parts 

To clean the filter of your vacuum correctly, you should start by unplugging it and disconnecting all detachable parts.

Empty any debris in the dust bin and look for blockages in the hose or near the brush head. Once you’ve cleared away any debris.

Use a brush to dislodge any dirt that may have become stuck or other hard-to-reach places around the nozzle and brush head.

Next, check the filter on your vacuum and replace it if necessary. If your vacuum uses bags, replace those, too.

Otherwise, clean out the filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions. At last, all these steps are completed, assemble your vacuum and power it up to ensure everything works correctly before using it again.

How to clean a vacuum that has no detachable parts 

To clean the vacuum and prevent this from happening, first, turn off your vacuum and unplug it from the power source.

Carefully inspect the vacuum head for any dirt, dust, or debris if you notice any blockages, use a soft brush attachment to dislodge the debris.

You can also use a compressed air duster to blow away harder-to-remove dirt or dust particles.

Once blockages are gone, check that all of your vacuum’s filters are clean; if not, remove them and wash them with warm soapy water before allowing them to air dry completely before putting them back into place.

4. Clogged suction hose

Vacuums can ‘spit’ back out the stuff it may because a clogged suction hose usually causes this.

Dust, pet hair, and other small particles can build up in the hose over time, making it difficult for the vacuum to create enough suction to pull in large pieces of debris.

To prevent this problem from happening, it’s important to clean and maintain your vacuum hoses regularly.

If you already have a clog in the hose, try using a vacuum attachment or an appropriate tool to reach deep into the hose and remove the blockage.

Taking these steps can help keep your vacuum running more efficiently and reduce the chances of it spitting back out debris again.

5. Damaged belt

One of the possible causes of a vacuum cleaner spitting debris back out is a damaged belt. The rotating brush roll on most vacuums is powered by an internal belt made of rubber.

If the belt has worn out, stretched, or broken, the brush roll will not have enough power to effectively agitate and extract dirt from carpets and other surfaces.

When this happens, collected debris can be pushed back out of the vacuum’s air exhaust port.

To check for a damaged belt, remove the bottom plate of the vacuum and look for any signs of wear or breakage on the belt.

If it appears to be worn out and needs replacing, make sure to purchase a replacement that is specifically designed for your model vacuum.

6. Need repairs

When your vacuum is spitting dust, dirt, and debris back out, it could be a sign that it needs to be repaired.

This could be caused by things ranging from a clogged filter or hose, blocked airflow, or something more serious such as a damaged impeller or motor.

To determine the cause of the issue, you should inspect all of the components on your vacuum.

If you cannot find an obvious problem, contact an experienced vacuum repair service provider.

Old vacuum cleaner 

If your vacuum is old and needs repair, then you should skip the repair and buy a new one instead.

New vacuum cleaner 

If your vacuum is new and needs repair, contact the manufacturer or retailer from which you purchased the vacuum.

Make sure to have your vacuum’s model and serial number handy during the call. If a warranty is in place

They can help you troubleshoot the issue or provide a replacement.

7. Disable spraying mode

When it comes to a vacuum spitting out stuff, it could be caused by the spray mode being activated.

Many vacuums have a setting that allows them to spray cleaning solution or water while sucking up dirt and debris.

This could be causing the objects being sucked in to be spat back out, as the liquid is not strong enough to hold them.

To disable this feature, consult your vacuum’s manual for instructions on how to turn off the spray mode.


Why is my vacuum blowing stuff back out?

The filter in your vacuum is likely damaged or clogged. If the filter is filled with dirt, dust, and debris.

It will reduce suction power and cause air to blow out of the cleaner instead of being sucked into the machine.

Check your vacuum filter and replace or clean it if needed. And ensure that any hoses or parts are free from clogs or blockages for proper suction.

Can I vacuum without a filter?

No, it is not recommended to vacuum without a filter. Filters help collect dust, dirt, hair, and other debris so your vacuum can work more efficiently.

With the filter in place, your vacuum will retain suction power and be more effective at cleaning. 

The particles could be released back into the air as you vacuum them. Thus it is recommended to always use a filter when vacuuming for optimal performance and safety.

Wrapping Up

These are the possible causes why your vacuum spits out debris, depending on your type of vacuum cleaner. Some common reasons include clogged filters, a blocked hose or pipe, a dirty rotary brush roller, or worn-out or broken belts.

It’s important to inspect all components of your vacuum and regularly clean and replace any worn parts to ensure optimal performance. Using the correct attachment for the type of surface being cleaned can also help reduce the amount of dirt and debris spewed back out from the vacuum.

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