Will Cat Litter Ruin A Vacuum

One day, I made a silly mistake. Curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to vacuum up the cat litter scattered around Fluffy’s box. 

I thought, How bad could it be? But oh, was I in for a surprise! If you’ve ever wondered whether cat litter can ruin your precious vacuum, let me share my tale with you. 

Let’s dive in!

Will Cat Litter Ruin A Vacuum Cleaner

Will Cat Litter Ruin A Vacuum

When you use a vacuum cleaner to pick up cat litter it can indeed ruin it; because cat litter is gritty and abrasive, which can damage the internal parts of your vacuum. 

Also, if the litter is damp or clumping, it can clog the machine, and make it less effective. The dust from the litter can also strain its filter. 

So, while it might seem like a convenient way to clean up, vacuuming cat litter can lead you to costly repairs or even the need for a new one.

Here is how cat litter can harm your vacuum:

Heavy and Abrasive

Cat litter is gritty; when you vacuum it up, it can scratch the insides of your machine. And over time, this can wear out your vacuum faster.


Some cat litters are designed to clump when they get wet. If you’ve got any moisture in your vacuum or the litter is a bit damp, it can clump inside your machine. This can clog up your vacuum and make it less effective.

Dust and Fine Particles

Cat litter produces a lot of dust; when you vacuum it, this dust can get into the air filter, and makes your vacuum work harder and possibly cause it to overheat.

Can you vacuum cat litter

Yes, you can vacuum cat litter, but it’s not a good idea; because the gritty litter can scratch your vacuum’s insides. 

If the litter is wet, it can clog your machine; also, the dust from the litter can block your vacuum’s filter. It’s better for your vacuum if you sweep up the litter instead.

What type of litter can block or damage a vacuum cleaner?

Will Cat Litter Ruin A Vacuum

Clumping and clay-based cat litters can block or damage your vacuum cleaner. These litters are heavy and can scratch your vacuum’s insides. 

If they’re damp, they can clump inside your machine, causing blockages. The dust from these letters can also clog the filter. 

So, when you see spilled litter, it’s best to sweep it up instead of using your vacuum; it will help you protect your vacuum.

Is it OK to vacuum around cats?

Yes, you can vacuum around your cats; but remember, many cats get scared of the loud noise. 

It’s a good idea to introduce your cat to the vacuum slowly. Let them see it when it’s off, so they know it’s not a threat. 

What damages a vacuum cleaner?

Here are a few things that can damage your vacuum cleaner:

  • Big objects
  • Wet spills
  • Fine dust
  • Tangled hair
  • Gritty litter

Final Words

The cat litter can ruin your vacuum; because the gritty texture can scratch and wear out the vacuum’s insides. 

If the litter is damp, it can clog your machine. Also, the dust from the litter can block the filter, and make it work harder. 

So it’s best to avoid vacuuming cat litter in order to keep your machine in good shape.

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